2 songs / 7 days

August 2013

Excitement! We've just finished our album "Beyond Tellerrand". Now we are ready to launch. Over the course of a week we'll be putting two songs per day on the web via soundcloud. After that we'll make the whole album available as a download.
2 songs / 7 days -> Let's go!

baldower on soundcloud

Almost Ready To Roll

July 2013

We are working feverishly on our first album. We had the pleasure of being a part of the "Beyond Tellerrand" conference, sampling the speakers and coming up with ad hoc compositions. It's these tracks that we are finetuning right now. We are very excited.
While the lyrical starting points are subjects like web, design and coding, the songs have turned into far more. Now we are talking about life, the universe and our dreams. It's interesting how words have their own way when they are mixed with music.
Check out the the recap video of the conference with music from the upcoming second album (that's right):
Beyond Tellerrand 2013 Recap

Please stay tuned for more to come.

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