the only way to test a theory is to do it

Happy on a scale from zero to ten

March 2015

He is a master graphic designer, did album artwork for Lou Reed, the Rolling Stones, David Byrne, Aerosmith and put together the art exhibition "The Happy Show" touring the US and Canada.
I'm talking about Stefan Sagmeister. For ten years he's been researching the subject happiness. At the Beyond Tellerrand Berlin Conference he told us with his lovely Austrian accent everything about his findings and conclusions. It comes as no surprise that I had to make a song out of it.
His reaction to the tune "Hahahahahahah! This is hilarious! Thank you! Wonderful!" My guess: on a scale from zero to ten this is a perfect ten.

Into the wild

February 2015

New stuff coming your way. I've just released two new instrumentals into the wilderness of the www. Let Me Explain, it's the Twilight Traveller.

Electric current, a trigger in the head

November 2014

The location is set, the welcome speech rehearsed, the lights go down and the people come in: yes, everybody, it's time for a new theme song. An artificial children's choir and a philosophical robot are having a get-together with the architects of time. Check it out.

Exciting days in Berlin

November 2014

What a show. BEYOND TELLERRAND again. This time, for the fist time in Berlin at the marvelous Admiralspalast in the heart of the city. Sold out - this seems to be the new default with the BYConf these days.
I had a wonderful spot on the stage where I could share my songs and spirit with everybody perfectly. And boy, did the music get me. It was awesome, I had such a great time, singing, dancing, shouting and getting busy with my midi controllers - speaking of which: my very own custom made controller, build by a genius kid from my neighborhood made it's stage debut.
My performance was rewarded by an overwhelming positive feedback from the audience. Thank you guys. You really are a fantastic community. And thanks to all the write up writers for mentioning me, I'm honored. Let me give you some examples:
Lisa Larson-Kelly, Eden Spiekermann, Denkwerk, Susanne Studt, Martin Kohlhaas

We're nightly build

September 2014

Isn't that a wonderful name for a conference: nightly build. OK, I know it's a term in the programming business. But in my case it gets my poetic imagination going. I had the honor of being a part of this brand new conference in Cologne.

This is where the fun starts

June 2014

As promised here is the first song of the wonderful "Beyond Tellerrand 2014" conference. This time I didn't plan on remixing the talks into music. But master doodler Jon Burgerman personally asked me for a take on his talk promising me to "sanction it". I was only familiar with that term in connection with South Africa in the 80's. "No, no, he said, I mean I will promote it." I didn't have much of a choice after that. So there you go:
The Only Way To Test A Theory

The Boy is back in town

May 2014

It's been a while. A year to be exact. Again I had the honor to be a part of the excellent "Beyond Tellerrand" conference. It was a sold out show, woo hoo. Due to his busy schedule my partner Fred applied for a leave of absence which I graciously granted. Yes, I'm such a nice guy. This means this time I did it all by myself.
Thank you for all the great compliments during the two days. Jon Burgerman kept asking: who is that strange guy with the computer and headphones by the side of the stage. Someone finally resolved the confusion: he is sampling the speakers and turns it into a live mix. So Jon walked up to me and kindly asked for a remix of his talk, promising to spread the word via his various world wide accounts and thus guaranteeing fame and fortune. How could I resist.
So that's what I'm working on right now. And to quote Mr Burgerman himself :
the only way to test a theory, is to do it!

2 songs / 7 days

August 2013

Excitement! We've just finished our album "Beyond Tellerrand". Now we are ready to launch. Over the course of a week we'll be putting two songs per day on the web via soundcloud. After that we'll make the whole album available as a download.
2 songs / 7 days -> Let's go!

baldower on soundcloud

Almost Ready To Roll

July 2013

We are working feverishly on our first album. We had the pleasure of being a part of the "Beyond Tellerrand" conference, sampling the speakers and coming up with ad hoc compositions. It's these tracks that we are finetuning right now. We are very excited.
While the lyrical starting points are subjects like web, design and coding, the songs have turned into far more. Now we are talking about life, the universe and our dreams. It's interesting how words have their own way when they are mixed with music.
Check out the the recap video of the conference with music from the upcoming second album (that's right):
Beyond Tellerrand 2013 Recap

Please stay tuned for more to come.


Yes, I play conferences, sampling the speakers and so forth. Find out more


All right now, let's play some music

How Happy Are You
featuring Stefan Sagmeister

The Only Way To Test A Theory
featuring Jon Burgerman

You Are Not Entitled To The Fruit Of Your Labor
featuring James Victore

Title Song of the Beyond Tellerrand Berlin 2014 Conference

The Full Monty
All available BALDOWER Remixes On Soundcloud

What People Say

"Love it - very funny to hear myself in this way."
Jon Burgerman

"I love that he is sampling bits of the talk, remixing them and blasting the results. Better than the new Daft Punk Album."
Meagan Fisher

"Hahahahahahah! This is hilarious! Thank you! Wonderful!"
Stefan Sagmeister

"Its truly a unique and amazing creation!"
Josh Brewer

"Hey Tobi! You were a vital part of making the conference awesome and memorable."
Chris Coyier

"It was cool & freaky"
Stacey Mulcahy

"We were greeted by a DJ, Tobi Lessnow (...)
I don’t know where he got the energy — or those moves — that early in the morning, but it was fantastic."
Lisa Larson-Kelley

"Eine Konferenz braucht kein WLAN. Ein DJ für die Pausen ist aber definitv eine gute Idee. Tobi Lessnow hat einen riesen Job gemacht!"
Martin Kohlhaas

"Sehr geil!"
Attendee via twitter

"...nebst genialem DJ Tobi Lessnow..."
Susanne Studt

"Hinter den Turntables stand Tobi Lessnow. Er generierte während der Vorträge aus live mitgeschnittenen Sound-Samples der Sprecher und Loops jeweils einen Soundtrack, den er im Anschluss live performte, sehr toll!"
Markus Breuer/Kathrin Schiebler

"The DJ Tobi Lessnow records snippets of every talk and remixes them into individual songs that play during the breaks. Also, he created the theme song; a terrific ear worm that will be stuck in your head forever once you hear it."
Christoph Rauscher